Sudanese Citizens

Providing A Vision For Sudanese Youth

Our vision for Sudanese youth in Washington, DC, is to develop a society where everyone can enjoy equal rights, justice, and the freedom to live to their full potential. We hope that they can effectively contribute to the improvement and development of their communities, no matter where they are in the world.


Why Sudanese Youth 4 Better Future?

The recent political developments in Sudan following the downfall of Omar al Bashir’s regime in April 2019 after ruling the country with an ironfist for nearly 30 years--offers a possibility of strengthening youth participation in Sudan’s future peace and development processes. Sudanese Youth for Better Organization aims to provide the country’s youth with the technical and capacity building skills that would enable them to contribute positively to a future peaceful and prosporous Sudan for all citizens by changing interrelationships between youth groups, organizations and public institutions. The organization works to identify and support the type of youth needs in participation through raising public awareness of the importance of youth inclusion, providing leadership skills, and monitoring windows of opportunities for Sudan’s youth population to play an active role as the country continues to consolidate its peace and development trajectories 

Stop by our social media page and let us know how you want to help. We're an active group and are always looking for humanitarians to join our efforts.